District Overview

District Lodhran was established on July 01, 1991. Previously it was a subdivision of district Multan. The area of the District is 2778 Square Km and it has three sub-divisions namely Lodhran, Kehror Pacca and Dunyapur. There are 3 circles consisting of 10 police stations and 3 chokis.


Lodhra family stepped into this district in 1740. Lodhran was honored with the status of a sub-division by British regime in the year 1873 and was honored with the status of district in the year 1991. Total population of the district is 18, 29,728. Besides Lodhra family, Arain, Baloch, Kanju, Joiya, Rajput, Syed, Pathan, Awan and Gujjar Families are also residing in the district. Agriculture is main profession whereas cotton and wheat are major crops of the District.

Physical Features

The district consists of plain area with fertile land. It is a part of Indus plain. It has the best cultivated land which is suitable for cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops. Lodhran district lies on the bank of river Sutlij and Bias.


River Sutlej flows from the district along its southern boundary. In ancient times river Bias also flowed here.


The climate of the district is hot and dry. Summer season starts from April and continues till October. May, June and July are the hottest months; minimum and maximum temperatures stay about 42 and 48 degree centigrade respectively. Winter lasts from November to March whereas December and January are the coldest months; maximum and minimum temperatures stay around 22 and 8 degree centigrade respectively. Dry, Hot and dusty winds are common during summer.

Rain Fall

Mostly rain fall starts during monsoon July to September. During winter season there is very little rain.


The district, at present, borders with Bahawalpur on the Southern side and with Vehari & Khanewal on the eastern and with Multan on the western and northern side.

Important Fairs of District

  • Annual Urs Noori Lal (RA) PS Galeywal
  • Annual Urs Pir Jeevan Soltan (RA) PS Dhanote
  • Annual Urs Pir Soltan Ayub Qatal (RA) PS Galeywal




Source: Legal Branch, Lodhran