Rescue 15 Lodhran

  • Enhancing Available Telephone Lines From 3 To 8
  • Paperless Environment
  • Auto Audio Record Of Every Call
  • Dashboard To View Police Response Against Every Call
  • Dashboard To Monitor Call System
  • Auto SMS To Every Caller And Feedback Mechanism For Improvement
  • Smartly Dressed Staff And Optimum Utilization Of Physically Incapacitated Staff
  • Comfortable Working Atmosphere

Emergency Response & Feedback System is the perfect solution for assisting police in identification of valid calls and rejection of Fake calls along with proper digital record keeping of the caller information & crime reported in the database, which can help in future references. Whereas operators conversation is also recorded therefore helping in improving police efficiency.
All the Complaints notified by callers & registered by operators are assigned status, tracked till its termination, if any complaint will be pending, the reasons are identified and officials can be held responsible. Any authorized official can check any report about any employee, complaint or police station in the division, making the process more clear, efficient & reliable.



  • 60 Concurrent Calls
  • Blacklist
  • Display of Caller ID
  • Call Queue
  • Call Distribution System
  • Call Conversation Monitoring
  • Call Recording Beyond 1 Year (CID, Agent , Date Time, etc)
  • 4 Active Operators
  • Monitor Agents (In-Call, Idle, Pause, etc )
  • Monitor Calls (with agent, in-queue, waiting for agent, etc)
  • Call Reports (Call Summery, Agent Performance, Call )


  • Display Caller ID
  • Caller History for credibility of caller.
  • Landline Location (using address from in-house DB)
  • Mobile Location (using Smart App with Cloud Server)
  • Display Location on Live Map
  • Caller Name (using DB or Cloud Server)
  • Active Recent Calls (to prevent duplicate report for same incident)



Crime mapping (head–wise) on google map to provide ready pictorial image to any SHO for devising crime control strategy according to time and disturbed area.

  • Live Maps with PS Jurisdiction
  • Live Crime Marking
  • Live Crime Maps
  • PS Wise
  • Date Wise
  • Crime Wise
  • Division Wise
  • Crime Category
  • Others


  • All Registered Calls Show on operators Screen
  • Operator can change call status (Passed, Force Move, Reached Final response etc)
  • Minimize Response time